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Product List
Self-adhesive mural sticking (weak solvent)
Micro-spraying technology can be pasted (water-based)
Material for mosaic frescoes
Flame Retardant Oil Canvas
Digital image cloth
Art frame painting materials
Seamless Fresco Material
Brand advantage
  UV special flame retardant textile technology was developed by German technology; The product has high quality, high stability and durability;
High performance price ratio
  Own factory, lose middleman price difference, ensure low price. Years
of experience; product quality in accordance with international standards!
Enterprise advantage
  Product quality is stable, prompt delivery
High visibility, large volume of business;
Exported to Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries;
Service advantage
  The perfect after-sales service professional service commissioner allows you no worries;
It has won high recognition from customers both at home and abroad;

0Shanghai Tai Yi Mstar Technology Ltd is coating materials industry earlier a professional R & D and production of a full range of special ink portrait material, waterproof and cloth products professional production base, in recent years, relying on senior industry background, professional integration of resources, comply with the international trend and provide the most economical new print materials for the customer, currently has its main Song Yi Tai, SEB series of products, welcome the new technology, new products, new peers, learning new market demand.
Shanghai Tai Yi Mstar Technology Ltd is a large enterprise in China earlier a professional R & D and production of a full range of special ink portrait material, waterproof class and the largest domestic production base, 80% of products exported to Europe and the United States, as the world famous printer manufacturers designated OEM.

Business scope:
Textile canvas class: 0.61-3.2 meters wide waterproof chemical fiber / cotton canvas, weak solvent / high matte chemical fiber / cotton canvas, linen canvas, white canvas, cloth art, pictorial cloth, imitation silk cloth, non-woven fabric, Beijiao Xuan cloth, canvas, gum gum, non-woven fabric, cashmere cloth Xuan fire retardant canvas etc.

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